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“Professional Photography Near Me?” That’s Candy Koated Studio

Professional Photography Near Me | Candy Koated Studio

Candy Koated Studio is one of the premier corporate and real estate photographers in Red Deer, with highly satisfied clients all over the Red Deer region. Whether your company needs a brand refresh or your startup needs everything from headshots to product photos, we’ve got you covered. We take "professional photography near me" to the next level. If you aren’t sure where to begin—just ask!

Corporate Photography & You

Corporate photography can incorporate a wide range of clients, themes and industries, from formal board member head shots to wide-angle shots of teams in action. Dressing up the corporate environment is a must—whether that means setting out tasteful flower arrangements at reception or polishing an impressive architect’s desk covered in design books. Whatever your company needs to complete its branding, we are here to help.

The main goals of great corporate photography are to build trust, increase your presence, bolster marketing efforts and capture your unique selling point as a company or service provider. All of these things can be achieved with the right photos, which is why we take the time to get to know our clients and brainstorm the perfect way to showcase their value.

Before scheduling a photoshoot with you and your team, Candy Koated will sit down with you to discuss everything from wardrobe options to shoot locations. We want to know your goals and personalities so that we can do our best work to support them!

Build Your Brand, Your Way

Do you have your brand colours selected, your advertising fonts saved, and your marketing brochures ready and waiting for photos? Great! Tell us everything, and we will make sure your corporate photos go with your chosen design theme. It’s important to us to get everything just right, which is why we will show up early on photo day to set up equipment and talk everyone through the process one more time.

Candy Koated Studios will make your company’s photo session a breeze! We take care of all the details so your only job is to smile for the camera—if that’s what you’re going for 😉

Professional Photography Near Me? That’s Candy Koated.

We can’t wait to work with you and help move your business forward. Call 403-505-1703 to book a consultation or get a quote. You can also send a message through our website or email

See you soon!

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