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Team & Group Photography | Professional Photographers Red Deer

Photography for your team


Team & Group Photography | Professional Photographers Red Deer

Having professional team photos taken can truly reflect the unity and professionalism of your business. Professional photographers are not only experts in capturing quality images but also have a keen eye for details. They can make subtle adjustments to achieve the desired effect, creating compelling photos that truly reflect the character and ethos of your company. By showcasing your team in a professional light, you can increase your business's credibility and build customer trust.

Unity & Professionalism

Professional team photography can enhance your business's brand value and recognition. Consistently incorporating professional photos into your website, marketing materials, and social media can provide exposure and make your business stand out from the competition. Moreover, captivating images of your team members can increase customer engagement, as they relate to and connect with real people on your team.

Brand Value & Recognition

Consistent, professional team photography can help to project a positive image of your company. By investing in professional photography services, your business can showcase a high standard of professionalism to your customers, investors, and stakeholders. Furthermore, consistent team photos can foster a sense of unity and belonging within your team, creating a positive and cohesive work environment.


Professional team photography can capture the spirit and individuality of each team member. Kandy Coated Studio's professional photographers have the ability to bring out the unique personalities and talents of each team member, creating a portfolio of images that reflect the rich tapestry of your team. This can be particularly valuable for businesses in creative industries such as advertising, marketing, and design, where unique personalities and talents are highly valued.

Your Team's Personality

Your team

Having professional team photos for your business is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to create a positive first impression on potential clients or customers. When someone visits your website or sees your team photos on social media, they will immediately associate your business with professionalism and credibility.


Secondly, professional team photos help to build trust and rapport with clients or customers. People are more likely to do business with a company that they feel connected with, and seeing the faces of the people behind the business can help to establish this connection.

  • Provide High-Quality Photos
    The most crucial aspect of real estate photography is capturing high-quality photos that showcase the property in the best way possible. As a Real estate agent, want potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the space and be intrigued by the property. We don't limit your catalogue of images, you receive what you need to best show your listings.
  • Wide Angle Lens and Pictures for Social Media
    Using a wide-angle lens will capture more of the property and create a spacious feel, making the property feel larger and more appealing to potential buyers. Not only will you need these types of images, you also need photos and videos that are configured for social media promotion. We will capture your spaces with your marketing in mind. Ask us how we are different!
  • Turnaround Time
    With new listings you are often in a hurry to get the photos of the property on the market as quickly as possible. We are committed to as fast a turn around on your photos as possible.
  • Video Content and Reels
    You need to poduce content to sell. Social Media has vastly influenced how consimers and buyers reasearch real estate purchases. Using the drone and video footage from the property, Candy Koated will produce a video reel for you to use on social media to entice buyers and interest in the property. Ask us how this will elevate your opportunity to sell!
  • Professional and Reliable
    Your confidence in Candy Koated matters to us. We are professional and reliable. Punctuality is paramount, as we strive to be on time and fully prepared to capture the perfect shot. To ensure that we provide the highest quality service possible, we make sure to have a clear understanding of my role in the project. This includes understanding the yours and your clients' needs and preferences by planning shots accordingly, and being fully prepared with the necessary equipment. At Candy Koated Studio, we take pride in delivering exceptional images to our clients. We understand that each project is unique, and we strive to provide personalized and tailored services to meet those individual needs.
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